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Seawalker consists of 2 words namely sea and walker.  Sea means the expanse of salt water that covers most of the earth’s surface and surrounds it land masses. Walker means a person who walks especially for exercise or enjoyment. So in general, the meaning of seawalker is a person who walks in the sea. Okay, forget the lexical meaning of seawalker. Now let’s talk the actual meaning of seawalker.  A simple meaning of seawalker is a diving activity using a helmet instead of a dive tank.

Are you looking for a seawalker around Bali? No worry, we are one of a seawalker operator that has a spot in Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua, Bali. We have a private underwater park of coral reefs that is located in the ocean.  It takes only 5 minutes transfer by speed boat from the beach to get our small pontoon in the ocean. After you arrive in our pontoon, our guide or instructor will give you a short briefing regarding how to use our helmet diving to walk on the seafloor. Our coral reefs and the underwater park is located right under our small pontoon.

Here under is picture of our small pontoon that is located in the ocean :

seawalker pontoon in Tanjung Benoa,Nusa Dua,Bali

Here is picture of our authentic private coral reefs that is located right under our small pontoon :

Here under is the picture of Tanjung Benoa Beach where our speed boat will transfer you 5 minutes to get our pontoon and coral reefs:

Tanjung Benoa Beach

So, what is the name of our company? People calling us under name of “Seawalker Bali” with the base camp in Tanjung Benoa Beach. We are a dive operator that provide not only our private dive spot in Tanjung Benoa but also can facilitate you to walking underwater using a helmet dive in some dive spots around Bali such as Sanur, Lembongan,  Amuk Bay and Ceningan.

The beginner will ask what is seawalker?  This term is maybe useful to whom never experience seawalker diving before. Seawalker is a part of scuba dive activities that using helmet diving as a medium instead of dive tank to walk on the seafloor. Helmet diving is the main equipment of seawalker activities for walking underwater. It can be used by everybody who can’t swim to walk underwater (non-swimmer welcome). It can help everyone overcome their fear of being submerged underwater because they don’t need any prior experience or dive certificate of scuba diving. You will able to see and appreciate the beauty of life in the ocean. Helmet diving keeps allowing you to breathe through your nose and mouth as you do above water. It is easier and simple to use it because you don’t need to carry a dive tank in your back. Helmet diving has designed using a special method where a cable is connected from your seawalker boat to your helmet diving. Helmet diving is also able to avoid your hair and face no getting wet.

How to use our helmet diving? You will be down on the ladder in the back of vessel and then our crew will put seawalker helmet onto your shoulders and help you to go down into the water to get our coral reefs location. In our underwater garden, you can walk to interact with beautiful fish and many other marine species. Don’t forget to take a photo or video as your awesome experience. An amazing experience and fun of a lifetime!!

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